Greyfort Greyhounds

Stud Book & Kennel Club Registered Sporting Greyhounds


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2013 USA
Racing litters
3 litters whelped at Schmidt Greyhound Farm IOWA

2016 Finland
Italian greyhound litter 2+2

2017 Ireland
Coursing litters
Smokey Millie x Adios Alonso for Smokey Kennel
Smokey Symbol x Killimor Matey for Smokey Kennel
Smokey Zara x Newinn Wonder for Smokey Kennel

2018 Ireland
Racing litters
Talisker Goldie x Droopys Jet for Talisker Kennel
Ravenna x Droopys Jet for private owner
Miss Mini Marvel x Laughil Blake for private owner

Racing / Coursing 50/50 litter
Greyfort Emly x Timber House for Greyfort Kennel

2019 Ireland
Coursing litters

Smokey Symbol x Newinn Wonder for Smokey Kennel
Smokey Millie x Newinn Wonder for Smokey Kennel
Abby x Adios Alonso for Greyfort Kennel

Racing litters
Ravenna x Azza Azza Azza for private owner
Twister x Azza Azza Azza for Greyfort Kennel

2019 Ireland
Greyfort Emly x Azza x Serene Angel for Greyfort Kennel dual sire DNA litter

Emly was bred to Multibet expected january 2021
Twister will be bred to Ballymac Best / Ballymac Anton 2022

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Litter april 2019 between Adios Alonso x Abby (3+6)




Litter july 2019 between Azza Azza Azza x Twister (4+4)


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