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Stud Book & Kennel Club Registered Sporting Greyhounds

These are essential books for the subject of the greyhound! Most or out of print, but possible still available online.

Care of the Racing & Retired Greyhound  as mentioned

Anything written by DR. John Kohnke , his books and articles in the Greyhound Star are priceless.

Veterinary Advise for Greyhound owners by John Kohnke

Talking Greyhounds book & video by Dr John Kohnke and Dr Reg Hoskins

K-9 Structure & Terminology by Edward M. Gilbert Jr.

Training and Racing the Greyhound by Darren Morris

George Curtis: Training Greyhounds by Julia Barnes

Charlie Lister on Greyhounds by Julia Barnes

Ger McKenna on Greyhounds by John Martin

All About the Racing Greyhound by Barbara Tompkins

Small Animal Clinical Nutrition by many authors I can't list them all, huge book used by vets

The Greyhound trainer by "THE GUVNOR" MONTAGU - HARRISON

Greyhound Derby: the First 60 Years by ?

Winners Guide to Greyhound Racing by Professor Jones 

Guide to Owning a Racing Greyhound by Johanna Beumer 

The Dogs: a Personal History of Greyhound Racing by Laura Thompson 

Tales of the Dogs: a Celebration of the Irish and Their Greyhounds by Martin John 

The National Greyhound Racing Club Book of Greyhound Racing by Genders, Roy

The Greyhound Owner's Encyclopedia by Ivy M. Regan 

Greyhounds and Mechanical Lure Racing by Bracht, William 

How to Raise and Train a Greyhound by Mueller

Selecting, Training & Racing Greyhounds by Burnell, Roy 

The Greyhound in Australia by Agostini, M.G. And G. Collerson 

The Encyclopedia of Greyhound Racing by Roy Genders 

Racing Greyhounds From Whelping Box to Starting box by ?

The Ultimate Greyhound by Mark Sullivan

The Book of the Greyhound by Edward C.Ash

A Complete Study of the Modern Greyhound by H.Edwards Clarke

The Greyhound by Edwards Clarke

Title: Modern Greyhound Racing and Coursing by Roy Genders

Greyhound Racing And Breeding by A. Croxton Smith 

Greyhound and Greyhound Racing, A comprehensive....  by Carlo Culpeper Clarke

The Modern Greyhound by H. Edwards Clarke

The Greyhound, Breeding, Rearing and Training by H.E.Clarke

The Greyhound: Training, management, Diseases by McMichan

Title: Care and Training Of Australian Greyhounds by Whyte, June

The Greyhound: Its Breeding Training Running by Hugh Dalziel

The Complete Book of the Greyhound in Australia by Editor Jack Woodward

The Care of Greyhounds by SMITH, A. Croxton

The Greyhound. James Matheson.

The Greyhound: Coursing, Racing and Showing. Edward C. Ash. .

In The Blood: book by Floyd Amphlet of the greyhound star

Talking Greyhounds by Linda Jones

The Reign of the Greyhound by Cynthia A. Branigan

The Racing Greyhound. Volumes 1 & 2. Drs. John F. Newell & Peter Yore. Racing Education Productions (1989)

Soundness Examination of the Racing Greyhound. Dr. Jim Gannon

Your Athletic Dog by Suzanne Clothier
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