Greyfort Greyhounds

Stud Book & Kennel Club Registered Sporting Greyhounds
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  • 1.    GRACILIS (back muscle): extends hip and hock joints.
  • 2.    SARTORIUS (pencil or whip muscle): flexes hip and draws leg forward.
  • 3.    RECTUS FEMORIS: extends stifle.
  • 4.    &  5. BICEPS FEMORIS (upper & lower biceps): extend hip, stifle and hock.
  • 6.   SEMITENDINOSUS (hamstring): extend hip, stifle and hock.
  • 7.    LATERAL VASTUS (thigh): extends stifle.
  • 8.    &  9. TENSOR FASCIA LATA (triangle or hip support): flexes hip and extends stifle.
  • 10.  SACROCOCCYGEAL: raises and moves tail sideways.
  • 11.  GLUTEAL (hip muscle): extends hip, stabilizes leg against sideways movement.
  • 12.  LONGISSIMUS DORSI (lumbar muscle): raises front and rear of spine.
  • 13.  QUADRATES LUMBORUM (coupling): flexes spine or hip joint.
  • 14.  DEEP PECTORAL (chest muscle): draws body forward and leg backward.
  • 16.  LATISSIMUS DORSI (fan muscle): draws the leg backwards.
  • 17.  INFRASPINATUS: flexes or extends shoulder joint.
  • 18.  UPPER TRICEPS (pin, egg or monkey muscle): extends elbow joint.
  • 19.  TRAPEZIUS (saddle muscle): raises the leg and draws it forward.
  • 20.  TRICEPS (lateral portion): extends the elbow joint when shoulder blade is fixed.
  • 21.  TRICEPS (long head): extends the elbow joint when shoulder blade is fixed.
  • 22.  BRACHIOCEPHALIC (chest coupling): draws leg forward and inward.
  • 23.  DELTOID (upper portion): flexes shoulder joint and raises elbow.
  • 24.  DELTOID (lower portion): flexes shoulder joint and raises elbow.
  • 25.  OMOTRANSVERSARIUS: helps extend the leg.  
  • 26.  BRACHIOCEPHALIC (upper portion): fixes or flexes the neck. 
  • 27.  SERRATUS: moves shoulder forwards and backwards during leg movement
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