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The Greyhound
One of the world’s swiftest dogs may also be one of the world’s oldest breeds. The Greyhound’s history dates back 4,000 to 7,000 years, depending on which historian you choose to believe. Egypt is the Greyhound’s country of origin and even before the advent of Christianity, it was taken by traders to Europe, the Orient and Britain. The breed was valued as a hunter of stag, gazelle, fox and hare, so when hare coursing was introduced as a British sport in the 16th century, the Greyhound was a natural participant. Later, when dog races became popular, the Greyhound, clocked at speeds in excess of 40 mph, was in his element. The Greyhound is believed to be the progenitor of several other sighthound breeds.
Alert, responsive and somewhat sensitive, the Greyhound makes a clean and quiet family pet. Once solely the property of nobility, this aristocratic breed is happy to occupy your chesterfield.
Activity Level
Capable of great bursts of speed, the Greyhound should have plenty of safe running room to stretch his long limbs. But the breed is calm and quiet in the home.
The lithe, muscular Greyhound should weigh 60-70 lb (27-31.5 kg) and may measure up to 30 in (76 cm) at the shoulder.
The smoothly elegant outline of the Greyhound is cloaked in a short, smooth and firm-textured coat.
Anything goes.
Only a rubdown with a hound’s glove is needed to keep the coat gleaming and free of dead hair.

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