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Chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius) and Worm treatment in dogs

To get as much healing effect, we recommend to consume this mushroom only in raw form!
If you decide to try this mushroom sometime in the forest, in its raw form – you will feel that he is a little bitter. But do not rush to spit it out. This bitterness – nothing else as a therapeutic agent in this fungus.
This fungus is completely non-toxic, so use it in its raw form can not cause poisoning.
In chanterelle found antiparasitic medicinal substance – Mannose/ Because of this, beetles, worms and parasites never eat this mushroom. Moreover, – mannose dissolves shell eggs of parasites and prevents them from multiplying. And this stuff is completely safe and has no side effects on humans. Mannose from chanterelles actively used in anti-parasitic therapy.

Chanterelle contains large amounts of vitamin A, B, PP, A set of essential amino acids and minerals. Due to the presence of the fruiting body of the fungus a large number of different useful trace elements, especially copper and zinc, chanterelle can be considered one of the best natural therapeutic agents to improve vision, cures from “night blindness”, and is the prevention of many eye diseases. On carotene content exceeds all known fungi and some kinds of vegetables. Also there is an interesting fact that when using chanterelles, it is impossible to get hypervitaminosis A. We believe that this is possible due to the content of natural antivitamin Inside chanterelles. That is, this mushroom contains a vitamin and antivitamin simultaneously. This natural combination makes it impossible to get over dose of vitamin A in the body. This is an important discovery that could allow the identification of antivitamin A for the treatment of hypervitaminosis.
In addition, the active substances contained in the chanterelles, improve the condition of the mucous membranes, especially the eyes, moisten them, and make them resistant to infectious diseases. Due to its unique properties, with the help of drugs based on the pulp of this fungus treat diseases of the liver (due to the presence of the active ergosterol substance) and hepatitis C.

They have anti-tumor and immunostimulatory effects, help with inflammatory diseases.

Against helminth parasites need to use chanterelles in alcohol (vodka) tincture or use as a dry powder. For the preparation of liqueur 1 tablespoon of dried and crushed into powder 200 g chanterelles pour vodka and leave for 10 days, stirring daily. Against rope worms: need take 2 teaspoons at bedtime 20 consecutive days. For liver diseases, pancreas – 1 tsp. at evening 3-4 months, from hepatitis – 1 tsp. in morning and evening 4 months (thoroughly shaking the sediment).

During the mushroom season, use raw chanterelles, make from them healing raw mushroom salads. Also, it is very effective to prepare chanterelles for the winter, wash and freeze them. Thus, you save all the useful properties, and then you can use them in their raw form, adding chopped in any dishes and salads. It will be very effective for the prevention (and even cure) from parasites.
Wild mushroom Cantharellus cibarius, known as Chantarelle, is very precious fungus that has unique properties due to the powerful combination of substances such as mannose, chitin, ergosterol and trametonolic acid. Because of the presence of ergosterol, which stimulates liver enzymes, Chanterelle has been used for centuries to treat liver problems such as hepatitis, cirrhosis and fatty liver (obesity).
Mannose is a unique polysaccharide which is natural anti-helminth. Due to the presence of this substance, Chanterelle mushroom is capable of eliminating not only large number of parasites, but also their eggs and worm capsules. Mannose is absolutely natural substance that doesn't cause any side effect if taken correctly.
Anti-parasite action of mannose is quite different from the synthetic anti-parasite drugs, because mannose doesn't poison parasites but intrudes into their mucus lining and blocks the nervous activity of parasite, therefore it doesn't affect the human organs. Mannose dissolves the shells of the parasites eggs and by doing so it kills multiple laid parasite eggs and cysts.
It is amazing fact that while growing in the wild forests Chanterelle is not eaten by insects and worms.

Mannose is thermally sensitive substance and is easily destroyed in the temperature above 60 degrees by Celsius. It is also destroyed if salted or marinated using sodium salts. Therefore it is very important to know how to prepare this mushroom to preserve its powerful anti-parasitic properties.
This fungus should NOT be cooked, should NOT be subjected to heat treatment (more than 60+ degrees Celsius). During heat treatment it destroyes the most valuable therapeutic agent (Mannose). This fungus should be used only in the raw form!
If you choose to dry the mushrooms – you need to stick to a temperature not higher than + 60 degrees Celsius to do so.

This fungus is never maggoty, because it contains a substance called mannos, it blocks the nerve centers of worms. Chanterelle make alcohol tincture, which treat people who have found different types of worms:

It is known that fungi are assimilated by the human body is not fully.
Chanterelles contain many nutrients. There are eight essential amino acids, copper, zinc, ascorbic acid.
Chanterelle mushrooms keep well in the refrigerator, they almost never become wormy.
Chanterelles contain a lot of vitamins (A, B, PP), trace elements (zinc, copper) and amino acids. In aggregate, these substances improve the condition of the body and mucous membranes in the ocular. This is an excellent prevention of eye diseases.


  • 1.Hinomannoza/ Mannose in chanterelles – is an absolutely natural substance that causes or may cause side effects.
2.The action of this substance is fundamentally different from the synthetic drug deworming – they do not poison the worms, and are embedded in the membrane and cause nerve centers blockage of helminths, leaving no harmful effects to the vital human or dog organs.
3.Hinomanoza blocks the nerve centers of the parasites only
4.Unlike deworming drugs Mannose can partially dissolve the shell of the worms eggs, thereby destroying many eggs of helminths.
The second active substance in Chanterelle is Ergosterol, which affects liver enzymes.
Finally, recent research has shown that trametonol acid has strong effect on hepatitis viruses.


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