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You mean they don't all race...?

A little introduction about the separation in classes, many of you know about, but some of you may not be aware of them in greyhounds.
For the sake of simplicity lets divide greyhounds in to four categories (racing, show, half/halfs and coursing bred)
Majority of population numbers are in the racing type since they are connected to an industry and bred in large numbers of about approx.20000 a year/per country in places like Ireland, Australia, United States and to lesser known degree UK and Asia as rising popularity.
Followed are the coursing dogs a pedigree of their own with some mingling from time to time from the racing breds. I should probably add the Waterloo Cup coursers as a sub group, but lets keep it simple! Than we have the show dogs with nostalgic past of the never bringing back of the old lines of the TreeTops Hawk and his generation, who have build based on linebreeding a type of their own with beauty , grace and looks like no other.
The litter outlaws come last but not least,

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Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes EVERYTHING!
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