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Deneview Snowasp - retired from racing and REHOMED IN FINLAND

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Track record holder Tampere track 280m
and nearly broke the 480meter track record as well.

Speedy super bitch. Retired due to a health problem with panus in the left eye and will not be bred from! Sighthounds are a breed which hunts by sight, so we have removed her from our breeding program even if she was in every other way a great candidate!

Fantastic build and temperament! The toughest greyhound I ever had! Living in her retirement with Heidi in Finland. Pedigree

Adele goes by the name Hot Pants...Adele Hot Pants! Why? ...because she is a little cracker. She is as strong and compact as a bull and her mind is a cross between a hot blood and an Arabian! She should have been black, but the big tigress knows too well that she gets what she wants. She will kill anything than moves , hunts birds in particular swans and ducks, which we don't exactly agree with. Has swam over 1km into a deep dark lake for about 35minutes of paddling in order to demonstrate her swimming skills and kill that duck. Luckily this was not the case. Adele will do anything from jumping through fire rings to vocally tell you when you are of the tracks. She has HEART and a lot of it. Her USA sire now standing at stud in Australia with frozen viles available in Europe, is just the same. All American twice he is a brilliant dog.
He has chase, heart, determination and pure power!

''What you are hoping for in a track dog is one who will persevere, regardless of the race to race variables and circumstances, and who will quicken when challenged by other dogs to lead the pack, and who will not falter or crack when another dog looks him in the eye or tries to shut him down on the rail or drive him out to the apron. You want a dog who will be able to manuever like a scatback through traffic, and who has the sense to know when to accelerate and when to ease off the throttle. I'd venture, as repast to your perception, that a dog who can't cope with this hectic, competitive pack dynamic while hunting is also lacking in breed type.''
by Dennis McKeon

Read his articles here and here and here

Her mom Blazing Spitfire and her whole litter were OPEN class in America ( equal to Group 1 in IE/UK) and this is exactly what she is a spitting fire of powerful runner. We will follow her second litter and her full siblings from her litter sister Blazing Angelfire develop into the same hearty little youngsters. Adele was purchased for breeding and her debut on the track as 16 months old was in 28.90 over 480m. We look to see her progress in the next season's games. We thank her breeder Melissa Schmidt ( and co-breeders Judi Bolton and Dough Riches as well as Christopher Grieb and Dennis McKeon) for trusting her with us and allowing her to be imported into Europe. The rest of her litter siblings are co-owned by the breeders involved. Adele is the first Paddy whacker puppy in Europe bringing in some interesting American lines into the continent.

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