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Deneview Snowtoe - retired from racing and REHOMED with his owner. He was a birthday present for my partner at the time.

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Health Testing

MyDogDNA Profiled
He has been tested for every genetic test currently available and passed all CLEAR!

Dene is the King of the Castle!
Not much one can add to this introduction. He is the most intelligent hound I have trained so far and his ways of observation, calculation and memory amaze me on a daily basis. His skills in opening and maneuvering spaces is incredible. He is a European Champion in racing over longer distances with a multi track record history in several countries. His pedigree is superb and we plan to use him in our breeding plans. He has been sparingly shown in the scandinavian rings and has excellent results, considering he was in the Open class along with show breds, not an easy task to complete. Several acclaimed judges have consistently awarded him excellent and we are most touched by this critiques.
Deep chested, smooth lined, strong chined and a stunning blue-brindle with a powerful wolf look in his eyes.
Dene is adaptable, dominant, royal and a powerful performer. We can't wait to see his puppies on the ground.

Retired from stud and has a few litters on the ground, but sadly seems to lack pace in his pups, they should stay longer distances nevertheless. Time will tell.

Frozen Semen available !
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Career Achievements

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I don't include runner up or 3rd results, just the major wins as to keep this list compact, plus anyone advertising a dog based on second and third, just has very little to write otherwise ;-)

Stayer of the Year 2012
(Track Record 680m Hyvinkää city track)
Continental Greyhound Racing Confederation (CGRC) - European Championship Stayer 2013 in Sweden
Continental Greyhound Racing Confederation (CGRC) - European Derby Stayer 2014 in Sweden
Swedish St.Leger Stockholm city track Winner 2013
(Track Record 780m)
EGU Stayer of the Year 2013
EGU Dog of the Year 2013
Finnish Racing Championship Winner 2014
TSGK Manse Stayer 2014
(Track Record 680m on the Tampere city track)
Track Record in trials over 680m also on the Hyvinkää racing track in 2014 over his own previous record
EGU Stayer of the Year 2014
Best time over 480m - 28.89seconds
Track Record FCI 280m in 2014 on the Oulu city track
Best In Show winner Greyhound Specialty SGY Track Lines Class 2014, second in Open Class
Awarded twice more Excellent male in Open Class along with the show greyhounds only, which is hard to do in our very competitive Scandinavian Rings! Galla awarded Stayer of the Year 2014
We feel show judges appreciate his quality even if he is purely racing bred.
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