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He is a 100% Irish Hare Coursing bred greyhound. He lives in the house!

● Winner of over 15000€ on the coursing field!
● Incredible winner of 4 All Age Cups
● Winner of 64 Dog Trial Stake/Listowel
● Winner of the most prestigious stake the Corn na Feile Puppy Stake for the best dogs in the country/Abbeyfeale
● Made it to the 3rd Round of the National Coursing Derby for the best 64 dogs of the country.
Only beaten by Timber House his cousin and kennel mate now proven at stud watch youtube videos
● Semi Finalist in the 40000€ Irish Cup
● Won The Horgan Cup/Abbeydorney
● Runner Up in the Tipperary Cup
● Winner of the Munster Cup/Newcastlewest
● Winner of the Borissoleigh Cup
● WON TOTAL OF 26 out of 32 courses
● Uninjured! Extremely durable tough specimen who ran 4 seasons up to his 5th year
● Excellent temperament at 94pounds / 44kg weight
● Son of superstud and National Derby Winner Adios Alonso
● Fully health tested officially for heart / eyes and clear for all!
● Hard genuine chaser but placid and calm in the house.
● Irish Kennel Club FCI registered. Irish Coursing Club ICC registered
● Color fawn with black mask and shading on neck/ face / tail.

DNA tested, eyes clear, heart clear, no hereditary issues, no allergies, no auto-immune issues, no corns!
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