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She lives in the house!

Raced in Finland, Sweden, UK and Ireland and now retired as a brood bitch and a forever pet.

DOB 07/2014
Our other USA import from newcomer Barcelona Boss, a calm deep dominant male who did well as a racer in the USA. Trainer partially by Christopher Grieb who told us a lot about this boys temperament before we choose another import. The dam was also open class and a proven dam raised by Bob Crossland, who also bred Emly and her dam.
She too, contains a lot of USA lines not present in Europe currently and is linebred like our Adele to the great Molotov.

Bred to Timber House in 2018 ( 6+2 pups born april 5th )"a=xdouble
All pups have homes from this litter in USA, AU and Ireland and Canada

Future litter plan 2020 to Adios Alonso,
which is a proven cross, since her first litter produced a trail stake winner Gus The Bus qualified running for the Clonmel National Meeting 2020"a=xdouble

DNA tested, eyes clear, heart clear, no hereditary issues, no allergies, no auto-immune issues, no corns!
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